CIME CRESCENZI has installed more than 600 induction furnaces worldwide

both pouring and melting and it can be 100% involved in iron foundries all over the world

Very important is the revolutionary model CAP – Coreless Automatic Press Pouring that is the unique coreless all over the world to automatically presspour in conjunction with any automatic molding line.

The CAP (Coreless Auto Pour) features an elliptical coil design to improve duct heating and overall electrical efficiency. In the CAP design the ducts are placed within the magnetic field of the induction coil and are therefore heated continuously.

Continual, even heating allows the pouring cycle to start anytime without freezing or suffering from slag adhesion. The slag remains fluid , above the molten metal, for easy removal .

The uniform temperature minimizes overheating and self-cleans the unit, reducing the need for relining.

Without the ballast-heel, you can safety de-energize the autopour over weekends and restart it with a semi-liquid or solid charge.

The CAP is available with camera control system (Optical) to adjust automatically in real time to the different mold filling parameters instantaneously and CAP are available in 1,2,4,8,10,15,25 tons sizes.

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