CIME CRESCENZI provides top class induction furnaces

and professional engineering services to foundry industry.

Since 1952 the mains and medium frequency CIME CRESCENZI coreless induction electric furnaces are in operation all around the world.

CIME (CRESCENZI INDUCTION MELTING ) S.r.L., settled in Torino, Italy, is a private company absolutely specialized in studying, engineering, projecting and manufacturing coreless induction furnaces in capacities ranging from 200 kgs up 60 tons, rating from 200 up to 10.000 kws. for melting or holding or pouring iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, super alloy.

Due to the fact that CIME CRESCENZI is an engineering and manufacturer firm, the company’s customers gain the benefit to deal with a unique supplier responsable for any subject.

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